On the Road Toward Sustainability, Community, and Joy
by Noami J Grevenberg
Discover what it’s really like to live and work full-time on the road in a camper van from eco-vanlifer and founder of the Diversify Vanlife movement, Noami Grevemberg.

About Noami

Hey there, adventurer! My name is Noami Grevemberg and I'm thrilled you're here. Let's hop in my trusty Volkswagen Vanagon and hit the open road together, shall we?

I hail from a remote village on the beautiful island of Trinidad, where I was raised on oil lanterns and poetry recitations in my grandmother's living room. It was there that my love for storytelling was ignited and has been burning bright ever since.

Now, I'm living my dream of freedom, balance, and sustainable living on the road in my beloved van. This classic ride has taken me on some epic adventures, allowing me to reconnect with nature in ways I never thought possible.

As an avid outdoor enthusiast and self-taught photographer, I'm constantly inspired by the beauty of the world around me. From hiking through mountains to casting my line into the depths of the sea, I believe in the power of nature to heal and restore our souls.

And wait, there's more! I'm also a self-made entrepreneur and the driving force behind Diversify Vanlife, a vibrant community of adventure seekers and road travelers who refuse to be bound by societal norms. With a focus on inclusivity and sustainable living, we're breaking down barriers and creating spaces where all are welcome to share their love for travel, exploration, and the outdoors.

And if that's not enough to keep you busy, I'm also a published author of "Living the Vanlife," a book that shares my personal journey of overcoming the fear of uncertainty and provides practical tips for designing a captivating life path that aligns with your true passions.

I savor every moment, immersing myself in the joys of creativity, culture, and camaraderie. I whip up fiery Afro-Indo Caribbean dishes in my tiny kitchen, blaze new trails, and dance under a star-filled sky. I embrace the unknown and beauty of the world, whether exploring entrepreneurship or adventuring outdoors with like-minded individuals.

Ready to kick off your shoes and join me on this adventure? Let's create some epic memories and make every moment count!

In the Press

Noami has been featured in several articles and podcasts.

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