Oh, hi there! Thanks for dropping by. Allow us to introduce ourselves.

We’re Dustin, Noami & Amara, an adventurous family of three. We’ve been traveling the open road in our VW Westy (Irie) since 2016. (Well, except for Amara, she wasn’t born yet).

We have a passion for travel, keeping old vehicles alive, exploring farmers’ markets, and anything that gets us outside in nature.

Our journey started off in New Orleans (the greatest city in the world). It was there we realized that we were unfulfilled with our conventional lives. So we sold our things, bought a van and hit the road.

Since then, we’ve found ourselves drawn to less, with a realization that we don’t need much to be happy. And the things we value now are not things at all.

A couple poses with their German Shepherd dog in the door of a campervan

We’ve always been conscious of our impact on the environment. But life on the road brought on an entirely different set of challenges.

We quickly learned there were not a lot of resources for eco-conscious vanlifers. So we set out to change that.

With this website, we hope to create a platform filled with useful and informative guides, resources, tips, hacks, advice and how-to’s for anyone interested in pursuing a sustainable life on the road.

Thanks for joining us. We’re grateful to share everything we’ve learned with you. Have fun exploring!


Noami is the fire and passion behind this dynamic trio. She’s the visionary and creator.

Noami believes in the power of sustainable thinking and healthy + ethical living and their ability to inspire us to live in harmony with our natural world. And she embodies this maxim in everything she does.

When she’s not on the trail or on the water, you can find her creating bomb-ass content for this site and our social media, or scheming up ways to collaborate with other nomads and eco-advocates.

Noami is also the founder of the Diversify Vanlife movement, a platform dedicated to creating a space for representation of BIPOC and other marginalized groups within the nomadic community.

Fun fact: Noami was born and grew up on the island of Trinidad in the West Indies, from East Indian and African heritage. As a foodie, her motto is “When in doubt, curry it.”


Dustin is the technical mind of this operation. He takes Noami’s vision and puts it into the “how do we get there from here” roadmap. He’s the editor-in-chief and omelet master of the crew.

As a self-taught VW mechanic, Dustin is responsible for keeping Irie’s wheels turning. And with a passion for building and a background in construction and design, he’s always itching for a new project.

When he’s not in the van, you can find him shredding waves on the coast or chasing sunset in the mountains.

Fun fact: Dustin is a Cajun boy from south Louisiana and cooks up a mean gumbo.


Amara is newest member of our pack. She’s very smart, loves morning trail runs and is a strong swimmer. And don’t tempt her with a good stick.

She’s the perfect pup for this adventurous crew. Her energy keeps us on our toes. Amara is our co-pilot and sometimes she’s half a lap dog. 

When she’s not doing zoomies on the beach or hiking in the backcountry, you can find her exploring the world with her nose.