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About 70% of our bodies are made up of water. It covers 70% of the Earth’s surface. Yet only 1% of freshwater is accessible to us. So let’s have a conversation about conservation.  

The world’s water resources are scarce and unpredictable. Overconsumption and pollution from agriculture, fracking, mining, industry, and homes has led to the degradation of our groundwater supply. We have reached a time when each of us must reevaluate our impact on our water resources. Not only is it essential to our way of life, but it’s crucial for our existence.

HERE ARE 5 REASONS TO CONSERVE WATER (other than the obvious one – to live):

1. Be Green, Save Green

We’re always looking for clever ways to save a buck or two. So here you go – less water wasted means less money spent. The appliances we use have a significant impact on our water consumption. Using more efficient washing machines, dishwashers, shower heads, faucets and toilets can greatly reduce your water bill. Don’t run the tap mindlessly and select the correct water level in your washing machine, it makes a difference. Be aware of miscellaneous consumption like watering lawns and washing cars.

2. SOS – Save Our Shores

When we waste water and pollute our water sources we destroy our wetlands, rivers, streams, and lakes, which affects biodiversity. Clean water is essential for these ecosystems to thrive, which has a direct impact on, plants, animals, forestry, and our general well-being. Would you eat fish from a polluted lake? Most litter makes its way to our water sources and causes contamination. DON’T LITTER. And if you see someone doing it, speak up.   

3. It’s Electric

Water transport and treatment are energy-intensive. Every time you turn on your tap energy is used. This too, affects our wallet and directly contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and our overall carbon footprint. Water is often transported long distances, over mountain ranges and pumped through large pipes to get to your home. It’s quite a process. So the next time you’re washing your car or watering your lawn in the middle of a hot summer day, think about the energy used to make it possible.

4. Drought and Conflict

The increased demand for freshwater due to human population growth has led to increased water insecurities and growing conflicts in many parts of the world. Even right here in America, many states are suffering from severe drought. As water sources become depleted and scarce, food prices will rise. It’s easy to have an out of sight, out of mind mentality about water when it’s always flowing through your tap. But remember, our water supply is limited, and water conflicts are real, even right here at home.

5. Swim, Play, Conserve

Much of our freshwater ecosystems beautify our surroundings and are viewed as landmarks. They make our communities livable and add value. We bring our children to play in city parks where urban dwellers also find respite. Communities depend on water to contribute to their local economy by means of outdoor recreation like hunting, fishing and tourism. So let’s preserve our green spaces and protect our well-being and our way of life.

Every drop of water is precious, let’s make it count. Conserving water during times of plenty can prevent and prepare us for unpredictable periods of drought and scarcity. Using water wisely should be our priority. Pump efficiently, farm efficiently, and spread awareness about water conservation. The state of the world’s water crisis and our impact should come from a place of conscientiousness and an understanding that we do not create water, water creates us. We are all interconnected through the hydrological cycle and when one part of the world faces water issues, it affects us all.

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