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From Village Life to Vanlife – The Classic One-Pot Meal That Stands the Test of Time

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Mac & Cheese – My Childhood Love

Growing up in a rural village on the island of Trinidad, mac & cheese looked a little different from the fun and delicious staple we all know and love. But the core ingredients were the same – noodles, cheesy goodness, and lots of love. It was always a kid’s best friend. Though, as a child, I rarely had a say in what was for dinner. Any time I did, the choice was easy & cheesy; a fun, delicious, feel-good meal of macaroni & cheese. Whenever I became old enough to cook, the first meal I learned to make was mac & cheese. I would get home from school and cook up a big pot to share with my brothers & sister. We’d sit in a circle on the floor with the pot in the middle, each of us holding a spoon, laughing as we dug in. 

A Vanlife Staple

Fast-forward several years later. After starting a new life in America, I found myself at a crossroads once again. Before I knew it, I was uprooting my life, moving into a van, and hitting the road. When you’re adjusting to life in a tiny van kitchen, quick and easy, one-pot meals are a necessity. So when Dustin and I first got on the road in vanlife, mac & cheese was one of our go-to meals. Not only was it delicious and satisfying, but it brought the comfort of home into our new lifestyle of constant movement. Good ole’ Mac & cheese continues to be one of those feel-good meals for us on the road today, and whenever we indulge in a cheesy pot, it still gives those same vibes. For us, it’s basically the definition of comfort food.

A Classic, Reimagined

As much as I love mac & cheese, it’s never been a meal I could feel good about. That is, until Goodles came along and reimagined it. Fortified with plant-sourced vitamins and minerals, and real cheese, our beloved mac & cheese is even gooder than before (see what I did there ;). I love that there’s nothing artificial, just preposterously delicious, nutrient-packed mac & cheese in a variety of flavors. Dustin’s favorite is “Twist My Parm,” spiral noodles with asiago and parmesan. My go-to is the classic “Cheddy Mac.” The taste measures up to the mac & cheese I remember, cheesy & delicious, warm & comforting. We can’t wait to see what Goodles reimagines next.

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